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Get a high quality spa treatments at your place or come to our beautiful studio. Knowledgeable, passionate estheticians and massage therapists will make your day special.


NYC Massage and Spa is a professional massage therapy service, offering stress and pain relief treatments at offices, homes, hotels and special events.

All of our trained therapists are New York State licensed and fully insured. We use only the best products of the Bioton brand which leaves skin soft and moisturized with no greasy feel.

We provide massage tables, candles, linens and essential oils.

All our therapists are highly professional and very responsive to the client’s needs.


I personally had a phenomenal experience with NYC Massage and Spa. The therapist was great in deep tissue. My back has given me trouble for some time and needed some attention. This hit the spot. Very unique style that really gave the trouble spots some much needed work. love the place.
Jackie M.
I surprised my girlfriend by ordering a massage at home and she loved it! Masseuses brought a table, linens, music, candles and essential oil and created the real spa feel. Overall it was a perfect experience, it’s a great bonus when you don’t need to travel right after the massage.
Sam A.
I have been using NYC Massage and Spa personally and professionally for years. I work as a concierge in the Dream Downtown Hotel in NYC. We WILL NOT use anyone else for our valued guests. NYC Massage and Spa is the BEST, no question. The massages they do are on another level from any massage you have ever had. You will float around for days afterwards in a good mood.
Julio S.


  • Anti-aging

    Bio-Lift Microcurrant for face and body is one of our non-invasive skin firming and muscle toning procedures. Technology utilizes electrical impulses to help increase ATP and collagen production. This enables the tightening and toning of the skin and muscles in the treatment area to provide a youthful and vigorous look. Retrain the muscles beneath the skin, eliminate dynamic expression lines and increase in youthful look.
  • Relaxation

    One of the best documented effects of massage is a relaxation response. Brief interventions with massage therapy have been shown to decrease muscle contraction, increase circulation, and lower heart rate and blood pressure. Also a study with depressed, institutionalized adolescents showed massage could decrease levels of cortisol, a substance that indicates arousal.
    Better emotional stability, ability to sleep, and ability to breathe.
  • Healthy-skin

    Healthy skin is a result of many factors one of which is a proper care based on your skin type. What are your major skin concerns? An analysis of your skin before and after makeup removal, with the use of a magnified light, allows for a thorough examination to precisely evaluate what is going on above and beneath the surface of the skin. Find out your individual skin type needs and deficiencies.
  • Detoxification

    The compromised quality of the air, water, food, causes significant accumulations of metabolic waste products in our body, some of which are toxic. In many cases, this accumulation of toxins causes us to feel low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings. Toxins affect not only the way we feel but the way our skin looks. We offer lymph drainage as a powerful method of detoxification.

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22 West 48th Street, Suite 704, New York, NY 10036
Open 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM