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Longer, fuller lashes are yours

If eyes are the window to the soul, your eyelashes are the window pane. Equally as easy to adorn and frame, your natural gaze from between your lashes is something we can enhance and even glamorize. NYC Massage and Spa eyelash extension services use the most natural-looking products and the most comfortable application process with top-notch expertise, and our catalogue gives you every option to frame your look exactly the way you want it.

Professional application

Our Natural Look service allows you to fill in your lashes to the lushness you love, and our Glamorous Look frames your gaze in an even more dramatic and enticing way. Eyelash lamination and refill are also available, and our estheticians are here to consult you on the products and application. Fluttery, full eyelash extensions are yours without hours in front of the mirror, and without frustration. Every morning you can wake up with the confidence that you have the lush eyelashes you no longer need to brush on.

Intensify your gaze

Most women agree that mascara is the one cosmetic product they could never do without. Whether your eyes are blue, green, gray or brown, they will sparkle under the flutter of longer, fuller, professionally-applied extension lashes. Mascara application, reapplication, maintenance and wash doesn’t have to be a part of the daily grind; you can fall asleep under the cover of full lashes and wake up with them, too. Frame your natural gaze with the beautiful eyelashes you could never brush on. Talk to one of our professionals and make an appointment today.


  • Natural look$18060 min
  • Glamorus look$20060 min
  • Lash Lift$18060 min
  • Refill$9060 min
  • Removal only$3560 min
22 West 48th Street, Suite 704, New York, NY 10036
Open 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM