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NYC Massage and Spa length-volume-lift (LVL) lash lift is the secret behind the lashes you always wanted. Open your eyes every morning and bat those perfect curls—your lashes will be ready for the day before you are. Your commitment to your lashes isn’t a thing of mascara and your curler anymore. Treat yourself to the longest, plumpest, perfect set of lashes with this keratin jelly coating that gives eyelashes a semi-permanent lift. Our LVL lash lift is more effective than anything on the market, coating your lashes with exactly as much volume, length and curl as you want. It’s the most state-of-the-art love you can give to your eyelashes.

Lasting lashes that give you a semi-permanent boost

LVL lash lifts mimic mascara in that they lift and separate lashes, while adding volume and length. The big difference, of course, is that your lash lifts will follow you safely to bed and flutter over your eyes in the morning. And like mascara, you can build it up layer-by-layer. Talk to the esthetician to decide how much lift and curl you want, and how much volume. Lash lifts are painted on exactly the way you want. We will apply your lift exactly the way you’ve always wanted your lashes to look—you’re a treatment away from the perfect lashes of your dreams.

Personalize your lash lift for exactly the look you want

LVL lash lifts have hit eyelash lovers like a storm. Semi-permanent keratin jelly coating hardens and lasts for up to six weeks—that’s six weeks without mascara, or curlers, or waking up with last night’s mascara on your face. Featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and others, LVL lash lifts are the most effective way to boost your lashes semi-permanently. Our estheticians apply the jelly layer by layer, coating each lash 360 degrees for better coverage than your mascara brush has ever achieved.

Waterproof for lasting, versatile lashes

Layers of LVL lash lift jelly are painted on, each applied over another drying layer. As these layers dry, they seal naturally to your lashes, and lock out the elements that can damage them. They lock out sweat and water, too. You can swim with your thick lashes, without a care in the world. You can stick to your routines at the gym or cry at the movies without worrying about mascara flaking or smearing. Your lashes go where you go, and the thick keratin jelly seals itself off from what would otherwise break your mascara down. It locks elements into your lashes, too, including moisturizers that make your natural lashes healthier.

State-of-the-art technology and professional application

Reviews in Elle Magazine talk about the technology behind keratin jelly LVL lifts, and the years of development that went in before lash lifts were available at spas. Lash lifts come from the newest state-of-the-art beauty care, made with safe materials and applied by your favorite professionals at NYC Massage and Spa. LVL lash lifts are safe for your natural lashes, too, because the jelly wraps around them and locks natural moisturizers in. Even in between treatments, your natural lashes will flutter a little closer to those perfect lashes you’ve always wanted.


  • Quality

    We strive to provide a top-notch quality of appliance, while using the finest products to achieve beautiful and enduring results.
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    Timely service is of an upmost priority for us. Once in our office at the scheduled time we do our best to make sure you get served right away.
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    Unlike many cheap alternatives, our lashes last longer. We only use the US based quality brands in selecting our products
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I personally had a phenomenal experience with NYC Massage and Spa. The therapist was great in deep tissue. My back has given me trouble for some time and needed some attention. This hit the spot. Very unique style that really gave the trouble spots some much needed work. love the place.
Jackie M.
I surprised my girlfriend by ordering a massage at home and she loved it! Masseuses brought a table, linens, music, candles and essential oil and created the real spa feel. Overall it was a perfect experience, it’s a great bonus when you don’t need to travel right after the massage.
Sam A.
I have been using NYC Massage and Spa personally and professionally for years. I work as a concierge in the Dream Downtown Hotel in NYC. We WILL NOT use anyone else for our valued guests. NYC Massage and Spa is the BEST, no question. The massages they do are on another level from any massage you have ever had. You will float around for days afterwards in a good mood.
Julio S.

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