Massage therapy was around for ages and had several excellent benefits. It has ended up being significantly popular throughout the years as well as is used throughout the world. Nevertheless, as preferred as massage has become, several realities about this remarkable area may come as a shock.

1. Massage therapy is an $18 billion industry.

Based on the research of the American Massage Therapy Association and other stats, in 2020, the massage treatment industry was valued at over $18 billion! This is up from $12 billion in 2010. It has grown over $6 billion in 10 years and continues to grow, recommending more massage therapies at affordable pricing and job protection for massage specialists.

2. Pets can benefit from massage therapies as well.

You assumed massage therapies were just for people? Well, assume once more! Studies have shown that animals can get from receiving massage therapies also. Just like humans, our pets’ bodies positively reply to massage. Pet massages can reduce discomfort and stress, and anxiety, in addition to increasing psychological health. We love pet dogs and cats and want them to be happy and healthy, so why not try family pet massage?

3. Getting a massage while intoxicated will make you also drunker.

Disclaimer: This is not recommended.

While it may be sound quite relaxing to have a glass of red wine (or more) and afterward a massage, many massage specialists don’t pardon alcohol consumption before rubbing. Why is that? Well, massage therapies enhance the body’s flow, and if there is alcohol in our body, it circulates faster and stays longer in the bloodstream. Yes, this might seem like a great idea to several of you, yet this can mean canceling out the positive impacts of a massage. It can also cause numbed senses and an intensified hangover. Still, sound like a great suggestion? We didn’t assume so.

4. Cactus massage – it’s a point.

The majority of you are possibly thinking, “that does not sound relaxing in the slightest.” Nevertheless, cactus massage therapy is stated to be detoxing as well as moisturizes the skin. Many individuals enjoy the advantages as well as even discover it relaxing. According to those who have obtained a cactus massage, the treatment does not harm, though many people still avoid it. If you seek to attempt something different in the means of massage, then cactus massage maybe your point!

5. Massage robots – the next significant point in massage treatment?

The first massage robot, called Emma, was introduced to the market in Singapore in 2016. She was made to mimic the methods used by human massage specialists to deal with clients. With the massage treatment sector overgrowing and the demand for massage so high, it can be challenging for specialists to maintain. That’s where massage robots come in. Could it be the future of massage treatment, or will human therapists constantly remain in need?

6. Virtual reality massage is now the absolute truth.

When people read about digital fact massage therapies, they might be a bit overwhelmed. Online truth massage does not suggest that the massage is digital. The individual getting a massage can be transported to an attractive white sand beach or in the center of a stunning rainfall forest using the Virtual Reality headset. The only thing much better than a relaxing massage is a relaxing massage in a lovely place bordered by nature. Well, now Virtual Reality can make that possible.

7. Julius Cesar used massage to assist his epilepsy.

That’s right. Massage therapy is that old. Julius Cesar struggled with epileptic seizures throughout his life and used massage treatment to help keep them in control. Don’t believe us? Look it up!

8. An hour-long massage has to do with matching 7-8 hours of sleep for your body.

Didn’t obtain sufficient rest last night? Is your body exhausted? Well, a 60-minute massage could be what the physician ordered. Our bodies require sleep and relaxation. They do so much for all of our day, every day. What better method to repay it than by getting a massage? Research studies have revealed that receiving an hour-long massage equates to around 7-8 hours of sleep for your body. So if you are feeling run-down and tired, perhaps your body is requesting a massage.

9. Massage therapy may be among the oldest forms of medical treatment.

Massage therapy was used for centuries as a form of therapy. There are images in the Egyptian tombs of people getting a massage.

10. There are around 75 usual massage methods used today.

There are over 350 different massage treatment methods, and 75 of them are generally used.

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