If you’re struggling to reach your weight management goals, it’s worth figuring out if there might be a primary issue that’s holding you back. A healthy and efficient lymphatic system is vital for your body to cleanse itself and maintain a healthy and balanced weight. The lymphatic system is a critical part of our immune system. It helps our body get rid of toxic substances, waste products, and other unwanted products made up of infections, germs, and cancer cells. Consisting of a network of thin tubes called lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes (or glands) that run throughout the body, they remove our body’s waste products. It also functions as a 3rd stream system in addition to our arterial and venous circulation.

However, since the lymphatic system does not have its own pumping system, it relies on normal movement and deep breathing to help circulate the lymphatic fluid. If you feel tired, usually unhealthy, keep extra weight, have trouble sleeping, experience hormonal imbalances, get constant infections, and experience bloating and swelling, a slow lymphatic system may be blamed.

However, there is one method that might help. A lymphatic drainage treatment (otherwise known as lymphatic massage) can help with fat burning as well as overall health. Lymphatic drainage therapy can help increase lymph flow, help the body shed excess weight, and offer a fresher look with less clogged pores and less puffy skin.

An extremely relaxing treatment, lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmic massage performed by a specially trained lymphatic drainage specialist. This very gentle, non-invasive method, using light stress, mimics the completely natural movement of the body’s lymphatic system, causing the lymphatic fluid to move throughout the body as well as the lymph nodes openly.

The pressure helps increase the flow of lymphatic fluid, which speeds up the removal of waste as well as pollutants, improving the body’s immune system during the procedure. Drainage of toxins and waste products that gather between cells usually occurs after each massage. The therapy helps reduce any swelling as well as water retention and further improve the appearance of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage further improves blood circulation, relaxes the body, and fights localized fat. Many clients report a slimmer waist and weight loss after a massage.

After a massage, your circulatory system can quickly get rid of excess fluid as well as the toxic buildup. This makes you feel better, but it can also put you on the path to weight management, as many people find it gives them more opportunities to exercise.

While lymphatic drainage is a fantastic weight management tool, it’s important to remember that while it can help detoxify, it doesn’t guarantee significant results. However, it supports a comprehensive weight loss program that includes exercise and a healthy diet. However, suppose you currently lead a healthy lifestyle and intend to create an optimal internal system. In that case, a lymphatic drainage massage will be an excellent way to support your approach to weight loss.

Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Lymphatic drainage massage is the best choice for women who are unable to exercise regularly, as it is an alternating method of flushing out toxins and removing waste from the body. Believe it or not, most of this excessive waste adds to the weight our bodies carry.

Cellulite decrease

Due to the use of pressure and improved flow, lymphatic massage does an excellent job of reducing cellulite. It is also a great approach to prevent cellulite formation from the very beginning. 

Minimized water retention

Considering that the lymphatic system’s main job is to transport and process liquid waste, excess water stored in the body is further utilized using this method.

Enhanced metabolic price

A healthy and balanced lymphatic system promotes a healthy and balanced metabolism. The more higher your metabolic rate (the rate at which metabolism occurs in a living organism), the more fat your body burns each minute (even when you’re not active or just relaxing). Conventional lymphatic massage prevents a decrease in metabolic rate, therefore, helps to avoid weight gain. It also stimulates weight loss if you have had a low metabolic rate as it boosts it over time. 

Helps to relax

Like any type of massage, it gives you some time to relax as well as a sense of calm, both of which have been shown to help reduce anxiety, an element that most people neglect when trying to lose weight. The anxiety hormone “cortisol” triggers substantial weight gain when released in the body way too much. By relaxing and making regular time for a massage, the level of cortisol in the body is minimized, which in turn helps to reduce weight caused by stress. Similar to any manual technique, one session is not a magic pill. Lymphatic drainage massage therapies must be performed regularly to be effective. Going through about 10-12 sessions is usually recommended to cleanse and improve your lymphatic system.

Can I handle my lymphatic system differently (without expensive massages)?

Yes! The main driving forces for the movement of lymph are movement and breathing. Exercise certainly similarly moves fluid and has many other added benefits as well. Try these DIY suggestions to help keep your system running efficiently:

A mild run. A 15-minute jog is also sufficient, focusing on deep breathing when you stick out your stomach, take in air, and exhale. These two things help your body change the fluid around it and also eliminate metabolic waste without overloading your system.

Buy a completely dry brush. Dry-brushing the skin in a circular motion (yes, this is true not only for influencers) helps to increase internal blood circulation.

Swimming pool. Swimming is superb for lymphatic activity. Water pressure on the body provides a built-in “compression” that further promotes lymphatic flow as well as increases the number of deep breaths from cardiovascular exercise.

Contrast hydrotherapy. Switching between cold and hot water increases blood movement through the arteries. Some experts suggest that it may also improve lymphatic flow, but there is no conclusive evidence yet. Trying does no harm. Switch from one minute of warm water to 30 to 60 seconds of cold water three times at the end of a shower.

Touch it. Another technique to stimulate the movement of lymph is to touch the area above the collarbones with a folded palm; it boosts the lymphatic blood vessels under the skin.

Final thought

So, manual lymphatic drainage massage does not lead to instant weight loss. However, it supports a comprehensive weight loss program for health and wellness.

Suppose you are focused on a healthy lifestyle and also want to create the ultimate internal system. In that case, lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent approach to support your path to weight management.

We would certainly be more than happy to have you at our workplace for a massage session. Please feel free to contact us directly using our contact web page. And remember, there is no alternative to a healthy diet and exercise regimen for weight loss!

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