The body’s natural cleansing instrument is the lymphatic system, clearing our cells of toxic fluids. Without a healthy lymphatic system, the body becomes swollen and sore, and we also feel lethargic and ill. Lymphatic drainage massage (gentle massage that stimulates the movement of lymph fluids around the body) can support the lymphatic system (the network of vessels through which lymph drains from the tissues into the blood) in moving these fluids out and start the cleansing function when there is too much swelling in the body.

After you have had cosmetic surgery, especially body treatments such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, or body remodeling, you want to recover as quickly as possible. You intend to feel much better to return to your daily activities, but you will also be happy to see the results of your procedure faster. While the rest, light exercise, and following your post-op recommendations are critical, lymphatic drainage massage can speed up recovery.

What Is Lymphatic Massage?

First, look at the lymphatic system and what it does to understand better how massage works. The lymphatic system is a system of cells, vessels, and organs in the body that work together to keep our body fluid, support immune function, and maintain blood flow. The system carries lymph, a clear fluid containing beneficial proteins, waste products, fat cells, and metabolized cells, through the body, filtered through the lymph node system. Waste products are removed from the body as the pure lymph circulates back. When the lymphatic system does not correctly move lymph through the body, excess fluid in the body builds up, causing swelling, puffiness, discomfort, and appearance.

Lymphatic drainage massage was created to treat lymphedema, a problem of fluid accumulation in the body that usually occurs after removing lymph nodes. A trained massage therapist can use his hands to massage the body in such a way as to expel the lymph, separate areas of swelling, as well as reduce excess fluid in the body.

Why Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Important?

A functioning lymphatic system is essential to the body’s ability to regenerate cells, remove fluids, filter out impurities, cleanse, and maintain a healthy and balanced immune system. The lymphatic system is complex and consists mainly of nodes and lymphatic vessels that function to achieve these goals. The lymph itself carries fats, hormone cells, immune cells, beneficial proteins, and toxins that the lymph nodes must clear. This process can slow down when the body is stressed, exhausted, exposed to infections, fighting disease, or, in some cases, recovering from surgery.

The advantages of lymphatic drainage massage include improved skin quality, especially on the face. The skin looks much younger and more vibrant when its cells are bathed in fluid, like when lymph flows. That puffiness under the eyes that can occur after a hard evening or a long cry? Lymphatic drainage solves such problems. Considering all these factors, lymphatic drainage massage can be essential for those who need it.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system is vital to recovery, regrowing tissues, and eliminating toxic substances from the body. The lymphatic system can reduce when the body has experienced anxiety, such as battling illness, healing from an infection, or experiencing emotional stress. Manual lymphatic massage helps “re-start” the system of relocating lymph through the body as well as can give a variety of benefits, including:

  • Much more effective healing from a health problem, injury, or surgery
  • Sustains relaxation as well as alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Minimizes scar formation by improving healing reactions
  • Eliminates excess water and also metabolic waste from the tissues in the body
  • Minimizes swelling as well as liquid retention
  • Improves high skin quality and also gives an extra dynamic look

Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Cosmetic Surgery

All plastic surgeries cause swelling to some extent because this is part of the body’s typical recovery procedure. Some plastic surgeries, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, disrupt the natural pathways of the lymphatic system due to the site of the operation. Various other body areas, such as the nose after nose surgery, cause swelling that can persist for a long time, even up to one year. Different other aesthetic procedures affecting the face can also cause months of swelling. However, due to significant interruption sites, tummy tuck and liposuction are usually aesthetic surgical procedures with the highest degree of lymphedema.

When lymph overflows into adjacent tissues after the procedure interrupts the normal lymphatic pathways, the result is swelling, but there are remedies to combat this problem.

Postoperative clothing for lymphatic drainage massage

Compression underwear helps the whole process. It prevents the accumulation of too many toxin-carrying fluids anywhere in the body and helps the body retain excess fluids where they don’t belong. It also makes lymphatic drainage massage much more reliable, keeping the body more responsive and preparing for the procedure. Finding a suitable compression garment after your procedure is very easy, and your plastic surgeon will certainly be able to suggest the right underwear for you.

Suppose you have questions concerning lymphatic drainage massage after a cosmetic surgical procedure or what to expect after an aesthetic treatment you’re thinking about. In that case, the ideal point you can make is to have a conversation with your cosmetic surgeon. Lymphatic drainage massage is handy in avoiding too much swelling and pain, making your total healing from cosmetic surgical procedures much quicker and more comfortable.

When to Schedule a Lymphatic Massage

Individuals who underwent liposuction surgery or tummy tucks should begin with 3 to 5 massage sessions starting two weeks after the treatment. The timing is optimal since the wounding will undoubtedly be gone, so it will not be uncomfortable.

It should be kept in mind that lymphatic drainage massage therapies aren’t recommended for clients if they have any of the following problems:

  • Coronary infarction
  • History of embolism or stroke
  • Infections
  • Liver or kidney problems

As with any treatment, experience matters. Your surgeon will likely be able to suggest an accredited massage therapist in this area. And, of course, check with your doctor before planning a series of lymphatic drainage massage treatments to ensure they will benefit your post-op recovery.

A note from us

Lymphedema causes swelling and increases the risk of infection. This is an unfavorable and unpleasant result of some treatments for cancer cells and other diseases. Lymphatic drainage massage is one of the means to relieve the symptoms of lymphedema. Ask your healthcare provider if a lymphatic drainage massage can help.

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